Friday, February 11, 2011

Clueless with a Needle

Hi, my name is Amy and I'm totally lacking any skills that involve the s-word....sewing. I do know how to thread a needle, but haven't done it in year(s). My lovely husband has been the one to mend the holes in pants and socks or sew on a button.

So after seeing all of my crafty friends with their crafty ways, I was inspired to attempt to learn how to properly sew with a machine and try my hand at the cuteness. My mom and dad bought me a sewing machine for Christmas (a Singer one that's Martha Stewart approved, so you know it's good - right?!) :) I did manage to get it out of the box a month after Christmas. But it's been sitting ever since. So nice and new, greeting me every time I go into the laundry room. I would pop the DVD tutorial in the player, but that doesn't sound appealing to me. What does sound appealing is having a wonderful person come and show me how to use the thing...perhaps my wonderful hubby could purchase me some sewing lessons?! (side note: I hated the sewing part of home ec back in middle school when you were required to take it. My brother had a better grade in sewing than I did - I only passed thanks to the cooking unit and plenty of extra credit!)

I would also like to know exactly what a beginner should start doing. I peruse the cute fabric at Hobby Lobby, but haven't a CLUE what I should be doing! I don't even know what type of thread to purchase and where to put it once I make it home.

Any ideas out there? Come on, crafty friends - you know you who are! :)


The Feather Files said...

Well at least your interested in learning. I am so uncrafty, I don't even want to learn!

Kristen said...

Yeah Amy! My suggestion for a beginners project would be a pillow or something similar (burp cloth, etc) that's just straight stitching. A ruffle pillow or an upcycled sweater pillow might be fun and easy. Ruffles are easy to make. I know i don't live close but I would be glad to find you an easy tutorial once you decide which project to do. Good luck and remember to have fun with it!