Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eighteen Months!

 Happy 18 months to our sweet pea and punkin'! Each month that passes by goes faster and faster. Holy moly! Pretty soon I'll be planning M's 2nd birthday party. But let's not think about that. Let's celebrate the present - our healthy, happy, into-everything, bubbling little toddler!

Here are some 18-month tidbits:
* On the move: Mackie is literally running everywhere she goes. She'll walk but when she's given free reign - look out! She must take after her mama on that one. She also has taken up crawling in recent days. She loves climbing on the dining room chairs and even the table. Yikes!
* Sleep: We dropped down to one nap this last month and it has been difficult! She has a good mix of her mama and daddy with stubbornness. There were several days with nap stand-offs and sleep strikes. We finally - finally! - have turned the corner (I hope!) with a consistent routine. She'll wake up between 7-8 a.m. in the morning and she goes down for her nap between 12:30-1 p.m. The rule is she must stay in her crib for 2-2 1/2 hours. She'll typically sleep for an hour or 1 1/2 hours and then will have a dirty dipe (believe me - I've tried everything when it comes to making sure she doesn't have a dirty dipe during naptime, but it doesn't work. She must be relaxed or something....I'm just sayin'.) I'll change her, put her back in the crib with some books, and she'll either doze back off or play quietly until the time is up. It probably goes against sleeping experts, but it works for us. And that's all that matters, right?!
* Talking: The sweetest thing is the morning, when she calls for mommy, daddy, and then starts to say our names because she wants out of her room. She loves making animal sounds, too. Her vocabulary has made leaps and bounds this last month. She's even starting to put a few words together, which is super cute. I'm enjoying this sweet babble! Side note: When we say Amen after our prayers, she yells Happy! That's her Amen.
* Following Directions/Discipline: Mackie continues to do a good job of following directions, though she has developed a temper tantrum at times. She'll fling herself on the floor at times, usually it's at home, but there have been a few times when she has done it in public (usually at a basketball game). We've had to crack down on the temper tantrums.

Mackie, There are days that seem so long - there's nothing we can do to please you, we're all frustrated, and we can't wait until bedtime. But those are few and far between the days that are sooo wonderful - the days where you shower us with kisses, play kindly with others, and develop into quite the little lady as we see your mind going in a million different directions. We love you so much but want you to ultimately love Jesus with all of your heart, all of your days.

Love you!
Mommy and Daddy

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