Sunday, February 27, 2011

From the Mouth of (our) Babe

Mackie is quite the talker these days. Strangers, friends, and even close relatives sometimes don't understand her words - but we sure do! Brings back memories of watching the church kids or our nieces and nephews a few years ago, when we had no clue what they were saying, but mommy and daddy could define the dialect perfectly. We're that mommy and daddy now! (and loving it, might I add)

Yes, Mackie can say the usual mommy, daddy, moo, woof woof, baby doll, ball, etc etc clearly. But here are a few items that (usually) only Jack and I can pick up on:
- cee = cheese
- shree = Sesame Street
- bi-bo = Big Bird
- moo = milk
- ack = Jack
- mimi = Amy

The last two are funny for now, mainly because she likes to say them when she wants out of her crib. She thinks that since we're ignoring her mommy/daddy calls, we're surely going to run over and get her because she used our first names. Ha!

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