Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring 2011 Reading List

Here's what I've been reading (or will read) this winter/spring:

#1: Small Changes for a Better Life by Elizabeth George

I just finished Elizabeth's Proverbs 31 study, and I have to tell you - I love her approach to devotionals! She visited our church a few years ago as the guest speaker for our annual Women's Conference (thanks to our wonderful pastor's wife, who Elizabeth mentored during seminary!). I truly appreciate how Elizabeth ties everything back to Scripture and how the Word flourishes from her studies.

#2: On Becoming Toddlerwise by Gary Ezzo

I was a so-so fan of the first book in this series, "Babywise." I say so-so because I did find several elements of the book helpful, but didn't follow it to a tee like some mamas. I do appreciate the focus on establishing a routine and daily schedule - just not as rigid as I think the authors come across. Honestly, I purchased this book to get some insight on how to start potty training. A girlfriend recently had her 22-month-old daughter potty-trained in what seemed like a weekend (maybe longer?!) and I had to know how she did it. We're on the brink of starting - so I wanted to be armed and ready. I may also read the potty training book that goes with this - we'll see. I have to admit that I'm not as structured in my day as the book suggests. I'm all about free play and quiet play, and we typically have a daily routine down. However, life happens (ie: late night basketball games, Bible studies, waking up early for the sitter's) and I've learned to adjust the schedule accordingly. Even then I feel like I'm being a little too type-A for my own good!

#3: When Sinners Say I Do by Dave Harvey

Jack and I will be starting this book this week as we get back into reading a book together. Our pastor has referenced it for the last couple of weeks as he did a series on marriage. I'm looking forward to it and will let you know what to expect!


The Feather Files said...

1. I have this book and it was helpful. I didn't finish it though. I also have enjoyed some of her books.

2. I have a friend who potty-trained her twin boys in 4 days. She said she read something about how to do it. I wonder if it was in this book. She said it was an intense first day - her hubby had to take care of their infant so she could focus on the boys. I think that is the way to do it - quick & intense.

3. Richard and I haven't read a book together in years - since we were dating. Maybe we should start one after we move.

crystal.most said...

You may have already read this book, but I just started it and I think you might like it.
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
ps. I love, love reading your blog!!

Lindsay said...

I too liked the Baby Wise book - but thought it was a bit too structured for this family...at least NOW anyway. I probably followed it a little too much (read: NOT flexible) with Ella, but not so much with the other two. Schedules are awesome, but a little flexibility is needed!

A little advice about potty training: remember who is training who. I'm not saying you can't train a baby around age two, but believe me when I say - you'll save a lot of frustrations (yours and hers) if you see cues that she's not ready and just hold off a bit longer. Good luck though - I hope she does well for you - can you imagine not having to buy diapers?! :-)

Monique Bergmeier said...

I agree with Linds...don't be parent-potty trained! It's really not worth the stress frustration - wait for her to be ready!

amyc said...

Thanks, ladies, for your potty training comments! Everyone has been telling me to wait until she's ready....and that's the route we're going with! She's taken some interest so we've had the chair in the bathroom. She'll sit on it every now and then, but nothing consistent yet. I'm just prepping myself! :)