Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Ramblings

* I was able to hold not one, but TWO baby boys today! Nothing beats snuggling with a 6-week-old and a 3-month-old to give their mamas a break.
* I hugged and heard the actual, live voice of one of my best friends, who traveled all night with her hubbie and baby boy (the 6-week-old) from Texas and arrived at our house just after midnight. I love, love, love seeing how God is working in her life and on her heart....even if it has to be interrupted by baby cries, toddler screams, and everything in between.
* I had a nice, improptu phone conversation tonight with a dear co-worker who's more like a cool aunt. It was a blessing to chat with her about various issues we're dealing with right now. She's a hard-working gal who's loyal to her family, her job, and her Lord. How refreshing!
* I just finished my fourth year working for Hutchinson Recreation Commission and enter my fifth one...I'm beyond blessed to do the job I do and to have such amazing co-workers who are more like family to me. (case in point: see above comment)
* My morning Starbucks run really hit the spot today - tall nonfat hazelnut latte.
* Jack's 29th birthday is TOMORROW...and he doesn't have baseball practice...and we can finally go to the Juco basketball games as a family....and we get to go to Bogey's for his birthday dinner (his choice). It's a treat to have fast food/diner-type food in our house!
* I'm excited (as always) to start working on Hutch Mag summer assignments. Love, love, love this publication and how I can continue to write!
* Little miss is fast asleep and I have some quiet moments after a hectic day of work, friends, family, basketball, and more work. I think I'll curl up with my Bible and a crossword and call it a night.

Happy Friday, everyone!


eeds said...

LOVE this post and loved seeing you, Jack and Mackie! Love you!

Monique Bergmeier said...

Must say I'm jealous about the first part...I'm sure you guys had a great time together!