Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tough Love


This parenting thing sure is hard. I feel the hardest part is our phase we're going through right now - what seems like constant, constant discipline.

Today we had a play date with some dear friends. Usually the kids play very well together. But my little miss thought otherwise. She pulled hair. She pulled clothes. She took away almost every single toy or object that he had, because she thought she was entitled to it.

I took her to the bedroom twice to be disciplined - it could have been much more.


I fear this is how my little girl is reacting to playing with kids her own age these days. I hear similar stories from the sitter on the two days I go into the office. And I have to say, it worries me..and breaks my heart. I don't know why parents think their kids are free from sin - or too young to do so - when instances like these pop up. There's no denying what she is doing.

In the meantime, Jack and I have to continue disciplining her and shepherding her heart - it's a heart issue! We also have to pray. Pray for her heart, pray that she realizes what she is doing is sinful and hurts God, and pray that she uses her (normally) loving, kind heart when playing - and sharing - with others.

It's hard work. But it's our job as parents!


Fish said...

Oh Amy! It sounds like Mackie learned more from Culley than we thought. I will keep you in prayer as you parent one so similar to mine. I was "that mom" with "that kid" at Cullet's play group the other day...keep plugging away in obedience! I can't wait to see how God usues you to mold that precious, sweet girl!

Monique Bergmeier said...

Hang in there! I remember well those days and you think she will never "get it". You've got it right, be consistent and PRAY! You know it is the Lord who will change her heart - and then we see what a miracle it truly is! Love you friend and I'll be praying too!