Monday, March 7, 2011


It wasn't until the beautiful, spring-like run I had early this morning that it hit me....Jack's done with basketball season. It's spring - and it's time for baseball.

Buhler girls lost in a tough battle last Friday night against Haven in the sub-state semi-final game. I held back tears as I saw my hubbie and the other coaches hugging the seniors one last time as they left the court. It brought back memories of heartache and disappointment...when you want something so bad and fall so short.

Now it's onto baseball season - in a couple of days. I have my hubbie at home after school for a few days (hallelujah!) as he goes into baseball mode. While I love baseball season (I have to say this, being the daughter and sister of collegiate baseball players), nothing gets me going like a high school or college basketball game. Fortunately the Buhler boys made it to state and we'll be heading to Salina on Wednesday - Go, Crusaders! Our beloved Wildcats still have a shot at a decent post-season, too. And, there's always the great NJCAA tourney Hutchinson hosts each year.

So while it's a transition for many (my household included), it's also a great time of year when one season begins (spring and baseball) and another one winds down (basketball...winter can go anytime!).

Bring on SPRING!

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