Monday, April 18, 2011

18-Month Stats...Two Months Late

Due to Mackie's 18-month check-up being in the middle of flu season (and because our doc is super protective of our sweet pea), we opted to have her check-up at 20 months, when most of the sickos would be out of the office.

Here's her 18-month/20-month stats:
Height: 34.5 inches (Jack won this bet!) - 94th percentile
Weight: 26.5 pounds (I won this bet!) - 50th percentile

Dr. Miller says she's growing perfectly - honestly, her growth chart couldn't be much better than a textbook. Now that's news a mommy likes hearing! I wonder if Mackie's brother/sister will do the same?! One can only wonder!

Even better news from the appointment? Only ONE shot and then no.more.shots until her kindergarten readiness appointment. Wahoo! Of course we'll get her a flu shot or mist this year, especially because Baby #2 (who still remains nameless in the womb) will be about 2-3 weeks fresh when flu season begins.

Here's what else Mackie has been up to:
Vocab: She's starting to put words together (up and down, Mommy go, Daddy go) and also sing with us. She loves "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "Wheels on the Bus," and "If You're Happy and You Know It." She pretty much repeats anything...and I mean anything!

Socialite: Mackie enjoys being around people, but she's also Miss Independent. I believe that comes from both parents?! I think the funniest thing this last month is associating where we go with the people she'll see. Example: church means Rick (Pastor Rick) and that means sucker. Therefore the entire way to church we hear: Rick, sucker, Rick sucker!  Same thing with my office. My workplace means seeing Bo, the sucker man. So whenever we had to my office, I hear: Bo, sucker, Bo, sucker!  She also associates Bible study with Susan, who watches her and the other kids, so we hear: Suna! Suna! Love the association. Just wish she didn't like suckers so much. ;)

Directions: Mackie has really started to understand why we keep the house clean and picked up - and followed our directions (for the most part) when we ask her to pick up her toys or to help throw something away in the trash. I didn't know if this would ever come. She's still a bit stubborn....and that requires discipline for mommy, daddy, and Mackie. It's a continual work in progress - gotta love reaching that little heart of hers!

That's a snippet of how she's developed in the last few months. Here's to many more milestones - the biggest one being a BIG sis in October!

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