Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011 - Part I

We made an entire weekend of celebrating Easter with our family. On Saturday, we headed to Wichita for the Easter Sun Run, our favorite 10K race. After running, we enjoyed great family time with the Conklings at Jerrod and Rashelle's house. It was a perfect day with all of seven of the cousins (all 5 and under, mind you!). Holiday gatherings are crazy with the sweet ones around...but we wouldn't change it for anything!

Mackie and company head out after lunch for an Easter egg hunt. I didn't know how much she'd grasped, but she did understand to put eggs in her basket. She definitely was a loner, though, trying to find the eggs within her reach while her older cousins searched for theirs high and low.


 Daddy and Mackie took a break for a tricycle ride. Who needs eggs when there's a pink bike around?

And who can resist a pic with the clan? Here are grandpa and grandma proudly showing off their grandkids.

More to come!

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