Thursday, April 7, 2011

First-Time Race Drop-Out: A BIG Reason Why!

I'm not a quitter.

However, for the first time EVER, I had to drop out of a much-desired race...the Wichita Half-Marathon on May 1. I'm not saying that I quit, because I really didn't (okay, I did...but I have a great excuse!). I made the (difficult) decision about six weeks into training, about the same time I was getting back to 28-30 miles a week, my splits were between the 8:15's and 8:30's, and I actually enjoyed running for longer than an hour. Some excuses on why I quit include:

- I'm loving pineapple a LOT these days. I'm talking one entire pineapple a week...I'd probably eat two if Jack would let me.
- I end up on the couch by about 7:30-8 p.m. most nights, usually sick and tired of being so sick and tired.
- My ultra-love for coffee has drastically reduced to about 10 percent. Starbucks is probably wondering where I've been...and why on earth when I actually do come in I would want to order decaf after chasing after a toddler all day.
- My runs have gotten a bit slower, and mileage has started to decrease (doctor's orders!).
- I'm up a good 2-3 times a night with a bladder that feels like it just might explode.
- I'm becoming friends again with my doctor's office and the super-duper friendly nurses.

Okay, enough already. The BEST excuse I can ever make for dropping out of a race....

Yep, you saw it right. Mackie is going to be a BIG SISTER (which, for those who need to actually read it to believe it, means I'm about 11 weeks pregnant with Baby C #2....due October 30th!).

More to this story to me, there's waaayyy more to this amazing miracle only God can create. In the meantime, know that I'm healthy, Mackie's (finally!) healthy, and Jack has been a super-star while putting up with an emotional, tired, hungry, sick wife and a toddler who hasn't been in the best of health lately.


crystal.most said...

Yay!!! I am so excited for you guys!! Amy- you truly are an amazing woman, mother, wife and friend!!! You have been and still are an incredible role model!

Rashelle said...

SO excited for all 4 of you...I just love the pic of Mackie. What a beautiful smile and so innocent. I am sure the shirt has given her a lot of welcomed attention...if she only knew all the fun that is ahead of her.... What a blessing!!!!

Sarah said...

Congrats, Amy! So happy for you all and the new family member you will be receiving! Praying for a safe, healthy pregnancy for you.

Fish said...

I knew! I knew as soon as I saw you dropped out of the race! I read tis entire post with a huge smile on my face! Woooooooohooooooo! So happy for you and looking forward to the next post to hear God's story :)

Fish said...

I knew! I knew it as soon as I saw you dropped out and I read this whole post with a huge smile! Woooooohooooo! We are so excited for you and can't wait to hear more of God' story :)

The Feather Files said...

I don't think I told you last night, but congratulations Amy!

teachrunner said...


eeds said...

OK so even though this wasn't a big surprise for me, I still cried when I read this.

I am SOOO excited for you, Jack and Mackie. Prayers for you and baby C #2.

(P.S. That in-the-belly name is WAY too long. Can't wait to hear what you come up with this time. :) )

Love you!

Kristen said...

Congrats to you and the whole family! We are so excited for you!

Chad and Sondra said...

Yay! Congrats and so so happy for you guys! :) Take it easy!