Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hutchinson's First-Ever Half-Marathon!

Okay,'s our time to SHINE when the first-ever half-marathon comes to our town on Sept. 25. Hutch Rec, along with the Boys and Girls Club, are teaming up to put on this event as a fund-raiser for our organizations. That said, I'm helping coordinate the's nice to not be completely in charge, but do the fun stuff, like marketing, design, and gathering volunteers. I super puffy heart my job!

That said, one of the cool things I'll get to do for the half-marathon is blog. You know me, a writer at heart! Check out my musings (along with a fellow running mama and race coordinator) at  We're also on facebook under (you guessed it!) Run for the Rocks. Become our friend and read what the other race coordinator and myself are up to in our running and planning endeavors!

I will say that one downside of coordinating fun events like this is the coordinators/volunteers can't participate in them! :( Super sad. I'm still getting over not being able to compete in the Salty Dog Triathlon. This year I won't want to run the 13.1-mile endeavor in September (being 8 months pregnant will do that to any running mama!), but it still will be difficult watching others do a sport I absolutely love and enjoy!

Runners, mark your calendars for Sept. 25 and join us as we help raise money for Hutch Rec youth scholarships and the Boys and Girls Club. It's a win-win-WIN!!

Thursday blessings!

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