Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random Ramblings - Saturday Edition

My life is a scattergory of thoughts lately. I blame the pregnancy...and chasing after a toddler...and being stressed a bit too thin in terms of work and stress this past week. Okay? Okay.

- Mackie recently started calling one of her favorite babysitters Suna - it's her way of saying Susan. We caught this on our way to Thursday night Bible study. Susan has been watching our kiddos (Lord bless her!) for several months now. When we told Mackie that's where we were going, she yelled "Suna! Suna!" with delight the entire way there.
- I'm 12 weeks baking...and already feel the muscles stretching a LOT faster than I did with Mackie. I looked back and saw where I was a good 16-17 weeks with Babe #1 before I even started to wear preggo pants. Now, granted, I wore a Bella Band for a good few weeks before that. But for some reason I believe I'll be giving into comfort a little sooner this time around. I knew #2 did wonders on the body....but this soon?! Sigh.
- We had a lovely afternoon in Wichita - saw cousins and Aunt Rashelle and Uncle Jerrod (LOVE them!), did some shopping, and were even able to venture out to Olive Garden with sweet pea in tow. Oh - and we finally tried out the Donut Whole! The place has crazy donuts but they're quite tasty. Whatever you say, donuts are dessert....not breakfast....and an extra special treat in this household!
- In one week I'll be running what will most likely be my last race before Baby #2 arrives. While I did drop out of the Wichita Half-Marathon on May 1, I couldn't give up the Easter Sun Run 10K. It's my favorite race of the season...only this year I won't be racing. No worry about time or pace...and if I need to walk, I will. I keep telling myself this because it's going to be really, really, really hard not to go all out and then pay for it later. Any tips? Send them my way!
- Mackie turned 20 months on the 13th. I can't believe she's four months away from being 2 and only six months away from being a big sister. Wowza! We go in for her (ultra-delayed) 18-month appointment on Monday...I'll give you the full stats then.

Happy Saturday, everyone! Hope you have a relaxing evening as you prepare for worship in the morning.


teachrunner said...

Love the Donut Whole! Owner lives down the street from us.

Lindsay said...

Happy 12 weeks!

And WE go in for OUR ultra-delayed 18 month check up on Monday, too! LOL. We have good excuses though, huh? :-)

And don't you just love figuring out that some of the baby gibberish actually means something?! I remember being SO amazed when Ella started speaking so we were able to understand her - little did I know that speaking so clearly at 18 months was early. Now I feel like all my other kids are "late" with speech....