Sunday, April 3, 2011

Up, Down, and All Around

I'm talking about Mackie's temp these days.

- Sitter called just before noon...temp was slightly above normal at 100.6 and she was lethargic all morning.
- By lunchtime, Mackie's temp had climbed to above 102 degrees. Put her down for a nap.
- Wavered between 102-103 all afternoon/early evening long. Was 102.6 when we put her down for bed.

- Woke up early in the morning with temp of 104. Called Jerrod (Jack's brother, a PA and friends with our ped), and I texted a friend who just so happened to be the on-call doc this weekend. (hallelujah!)
- Late morning - right before going to ped's office, temp drops down to 99.8.
- After lunch (and after blood draws and a catheter to get a urine sample to test the way, all tests came back normal, another hallelujah!), temp goes back to 102+.
- Put Mackie down to sleep with a 104.6 degree fever. Pray that she stays comfortable and cool.

- Wakes up with a 98.2 normal temp.
- By the time daddy gets back to church (mommy and Mackie stayed home to get healthy), temp is back up to 103 degrees.
- Forget the fever and let's get fresh air!
- Late afternoon - 103 degrees.
- Before bed - we're so tired of checking, that we give her a lukewarm bath, have her drink lots of liquids, and are encouraged by the fact that her body doesn't feel like a furnace.

Is it ever going to end?!

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Kristen said...

Oh how frustrating! Praying Mackie gets better very soon.