Monday, May 2, 2011

A Kind Heart

Mackie hasn't been in the best of moods lately. Blame her up and down temps that reached as high as 104 on Saturday night. Or blame the fact that we just found out she (yet again!) has fluid in the ears and is on (again) an antibiotic for the third time this winter. We have one.more.chance to prove that our daughter didn't get her daddy's genes of "tube ears" before we talk shop on putting tubes in her ears. Praying these three weeks go well and her little ears clear up! And if they don't, prayers of thanksgiving for wonderful doctors who simply want her to have healthy ears.

But back to this post......
Earlier today, in the midst of Mackie's meltdowns, she dropped a book on my toe. Right on the joint - a tender spot that made me jump and shout "Owww!" Of course my drama-queen of a daughter became a little excited that mommy was hurt and started to cry. I gently explained to her that mommy was shouting in pain and that it was an accident, but one that could have been avoided had she not decided to throw the book instead of laying it down. We went to get a band-aid and after some prompting, she softly stroked my arm and whimpered "Sowry."

My band-aid fell of sometime this afternoon and little miss noticed it tonight. She became all teary-eyed and excited when she started to point at the toe, which was blood-stained. Jack and I couldn't understand why she was upset and definitely didn't understand her words in the midst of (yet another) meltdown. A few minutes later I completely knew what her little mind was thinking.

Out of the bathroom she comes, band-aid in hand. She takes my hand and leads me to the bathroom, where she proceeds to sit next to me until I put on the bandage (not needed at this point, but who am I not to put it on after the trouble she went to?!). She then kissed me on the cheek and gave me great hugs and snuggles.

That, my friends, completely took away the difficult weekend. The difficult day. The difficult minutes leading up to that simple act of kindness.

And that's exactly what it was. An act of kindness - NOT prompted by mommy, daddy, or any other superior. My daughter continues to amaze me! Thank you, Jesus, for the kindness you put in my daughter's heart tonight!

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eeds said...

Ok, so I might just be emotional, but this made me cry!

What a sweet little miss! Praise God for these moments when you see her tender heart!