Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waveland's Wednesday Update - 14 weeks

I spent a few moments this weekend (in between nursing my two sickies - Mack with an on-again, off-again high fever, and Jack with major stomach issues following a half-marathon race) going back in time and reading my pregnancy posts with Mackie.

I'm waaaaaay behind on this little miss/guy...better known as Waveland in our house. Therefore, I'm going to do my best to give you weekly updates each Wednesday. Why Wednesday? Because I'm an alliteration girl and Waveland's Wednesday Update seems to have a nice ring to it. I technically move into a new week each Sunday, but who really counts the days when you're preggo with #2 and you have a toddler running around?!

So, here are this week's updates:
- I finally entered that heavenly world called the second trimester. For me, this means: the 8 p.m. punies are pretty much gone (give or take a few evenings, but I'll gladly take it!), coffee tastes - and smells! - wonderful again, and I have a newfound energy that only comes from the 2nd tri and the small amount of caffeine that I can tolerate again.
- My belly is expanding much more quickly than with Mackie. It's a sad realization, but it happens. I actually took out the tub of maternity clothes Sunday night and looked through them...and quickly remembered that I have some cute (and comfy) stuff in there. I'll break it out soon! First up...the Bella Band.
- I'm still running (slower and slower by the week!), but sooo thankful to lace up my shoes each morning I go out. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to run after the crazy first tri I had with Mackie. Speaking of running...I raced in my one and only preggo mama run on Easter weekend at 13 weeks. It was great but I'm glad I decided not to do the half-marathon this past weekend. The body just doesn't work like it used to....but I'm hopeful I'll be back again!
- It's difficult to make the transition from sleeping on the stomach/back to switching sides every hour or so. I'm slowly starting to adjust.
- Not a huge fan of getting up every 3-4 hours to go pee during the night. Man, I forgot about that!
- Mackie loves kissing my belly and saying that her future brother/sister is in mommy's pummy. For some reason she likes to make p's instead of k's and t's sometimes. We're still working on it.
- I'm already researching BOB Duallie strollers and have become quite a stalker of Ebay. Also figuring out the nursery and how we'll do furniture and such....but won't really focus on it until we know Wave's gender.
- And YES...we are finding out the gender! Would you think any different coming from this type-A mama?!
- I'm already dreading my high school reunion...not for the fact that I'll get to see friends and spend quality time with them (wahoo!), but for the fact that I'll have a basketball stuffed inside of me and won't be looking (or feeling) my best. What can you do besides hang out with the pregnant friends?! :)
- I go back to the doc on May 10th. It's refreshing to go once a month - you know, like normal pregnant women do in their first few months of pregnancy. Again, thankful the Lord is watching over this sweet babe! I just hope I didn't gain too much weight....I've been really, really hungry lately! ;)

Wave, we're excited for you to get here in October. We pray that you keep growing strong and healthy in there!

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Sarah said...

My 10-year high school reunion is three weeks after my due date. If I go. Which, I will not.