Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Waveland's Wednesday Update - 15 weeks

Okay, so here's a FIRST in this pregnancy.....(please, look at your own risk!)

Yep, that's right. I finally (caved) and thought it was time for Waveland's first belly shot. Ironic that it was exactly at 15 weeks - and on Mother's Day. *Side note: Don't worry, I will NOT disgust you with bare belly shots as my pregnancy progresses....I'll for sure do shirt shots as the belly gets huger. :)

For comparison purposes, here's a peek at Wrigley's (aka Mackie) belly at Week 16. It's actually pretty close in comparison!

I took a belly pic once a week from weeks #16 through birth with Mackie. I don't know if I'll get around (or actually want) to do that with this one, but I'll for sure do them throughout the pregnancy. I think it's fun to look back and see the major jumps in the bump size.

Okay, so the real reason you wanted to read this blog today....Waveland's updates! I went to my monthly dr appointment yesterday morning and all is going well. You know it's going to be smooth sailing when you check-in, get weighed, pee in a cup, talk to the nurse, talk to the doc, and make your next appointment all in 30 MINUTES! I love my doc. He's hardly (ever) late and is almost always there. That speaks tons of a baby/mommy/woman doc.

Here are some 15-week updates:
- Total weight gain: 7 pounds. Seriously?! I could have sworn I gained a LOT more...mainly because this was the week where I felt the body expanding (in more places than the belly). I'm happy that I'm right on track. We'll see if this trend stays...crossing fingers!
- Dr Visit: Like I said before, it was a great 15-week appointment. Heard baby's heartbeat (nice and strong), but the fun part was scheduling a future sono appointment - the big gender reveal! We'll find out if the little one is a miss/guy on June 22. I'll be 21 weeks. I actually could have scheduled the sono two weeks prior, but (despite it being difficult) I decided to wait...just to give the little one a few more weeks to show us the goods.
- Emotions: I was an emotional wreck this past week. Example: Mackie spent the night at grandma/pa's on Friday. Jack and I (not knowing what to do in Hutchinson, America) found ourselves at Hastings renting a movie. It was a romantic comedy, but I sobbed because it featured a baby around Mackie's age and I was missing our baby girl. Sheesh!
- Energy: I'm love, love, LOVING the energy around here lately. I made my first baby #2 prep to-do list...a key indicator that the nesting stage is alive and kicking. I'm still enjoying my exercise and my run-walk combos. Jack just enjoys the fact that I don't turn into a pumpkin once 8 p.m. hits.
- Preggo Pants: I haven't made the leap (yet), but the week is still young. I did lug up the maternity clothes and basically cleaned out my closet of items that no longer fit (or I don't even want to try fitting into for now). I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had purchased some non-maternity pants and shirts when I was transitioning from maternity to new mommy mode with Mackie. I remember hating elastic and pregnancy shirts so I bought some sizes bigger for the time being - knowing that I'd appreciate them when I became pregnant again. Man, I was smarter back then!

The ultimate joy I have is knowing that Waveland is growing healthy and strong in me. I pray that he/she continues to stay snug in there and grow just like his older sis did. More to come!


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