Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Waveland's Wednesday Update - 16 weeks

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Things are going really well around here, and Waveland seems to be doing just fine with the craziness called life in the Conkling household. He/she will definitely be one who just goes with the flow out of pure necessity, I have a feeling. Thank you, Lord, for this healthy baby you have created!

No doctor's appointments for a few more weeks, but here are some things going on this week:
- I finally caved and wore my first pair of preggo pants yesterday. They really don't feel like preggo pants...more like toddler pants as they have the nice elastic and buttons along the waist to "grow with me" through my next several weeks of pregnancy. Jack jokes that Mackie and I have similar styles when it comes to our pants. I just like the fact that they're not quite the full-out elastic band, but give me comfort and style at this stage in pregnancy! (plus, they're Gap brand and a super-sweet gift from my super-sweet SIL when I was pregnant with Mackie).
- I'm love, love, LOVING this energy surge right now! I wish I could bottle it up and re-use it once September/October (and those tiring weeks post-baby) arrives.
- I'm already looking forward to wearing my cute maternity swimsuits (one.last.time!) this summer while swimming in the pool with my babe. If only it will warm up again!
- More and more people are commenting on the arrival of the baby bump. Yes, it's there. Some days it feels a lot HUGER than others, but it's a great reminder that Waveland is baking along in there. (besides, at 16 weeks, I suppose it's time some proof of pregnancy pops out)
- The top questions right now (once people realize I'm pregnant) are:
You're due when? (don't quite know how to take this....)
Are you finding out boy or girl? ( you know how type-A I am?)
I'm thinking it's a (insert gender here)....what about you? (well, I'm not quite sure...though I've had the exact same symptoms with Mackie, and I'd love for her to have a little sis....but we'll be thrilled with a healthy, vibrant baby - boy or girl!)

Like I said, not much to report this week. Wave - hope you're enjoying life inside mommy. Keep on baking...and those constant kisses to the belly? They come from your big sis who's just showing you the love.

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