Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Waveland's Wednesday Update - 18 weeks

Poor Waveland.

Mommy completely forgot to provide updates at 17 weeks. Oh well. Blame baby brain. Or the fact that I'm chasing after a toddler who's talking up a storm and deciding to go potty using the chair (finally - we'll see how this goes!). Here are updates for this week...a day early, so I don't forget!

- Word from the doc: Jack joined me for my 18-week check-up on Tuesday. I'm really enjoying these doc appointments...short and sweet. We were (again) in and out of there in 30 minutes. Not too shabby for getting weighed, peeing in a cup, talking to the nurses, and talking to the doc. It took Dr. Cullan a little more than normal to find the heartbeat, but when he did, it came up strong. 140 bpm to be exact. According to old wives' tales (at least the ones I've heard), this indicates a boy. And I don't recall Mackie ever having a low heartbeat this early in the game. But only God knows...and hopefully we'll know in three weeks at our big sono reveal! :)

- Weight gain: Ugh. I dreaded getting on the scale this month. But really, when do I not dread getting on a scale? It doesn't help that I drink a big glass of water in order to pee in the cup...but they don't let you pee in the cup until after the big weigh-in. Sheesh. I did gain a bit more than I wanted to this month. To date, I've gained about 12 pounds or so. I remember having a similar growth "spurt" with Mackie, so curious me went to look up when. Sure enough, it was the exact same month...with the almost an identical weight gain. I leveled out and was completely fine the remainder of pregnancy. Doc isn't worried...I shouldn't be either. But it's still in the back of my mind, especially since I'm all about being healthy, active, and eating (mostly) the good stuff. I suppose I should back off of the treats that I splurge on more when pregnant...with the exception of my birthday (tomorrow) and anniversary celebration (this weekend, complete with Kathy Girst cake!). Okay, enough of the weight talk already. As my loving hubbie says, "forget about it...you're doing great!" and move on.

- Other notes: I retired the Bella Band before I ever gave it a chance this pregnancy. I enjoyed it my first pregnancy but not so much this go-round. It's a hassle when you gotta pee every other hour. Besides, it's nice that I can be a bit more comfortable when working from home most of the week. In other news, the bump is making more of an appearance. Need proof? See below, at the 18-week pic! I'll probably do another pic at 20 weeks or right before the big gender reveal. (This might be the last time you see the bare bump....it's getting to that point!) My energy is still in full force (most of the time) and I completely love this stage of pregnancy...and of life. Summertime brings about a new surge of excitement, schedules, and just plain better weather.
I'm running about 15 miles a week or so, plus lots of walking, stretching, weight lifting, stationary bike, and elliptical. I'm excited to add the pool to my cardio mix! I just feel like myself and a strong mama when I'm exercising, and thank you God for giving me the health to do so! 

We love you, Waveland, and cannot wait to find out if your a little guy/gal baking inside of me. Hard to believe you're almost half-way home. We love you and cannot wait to bring you into our family!

The 18-week baby bump!

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