Monday, May 23, 2011

We've Come a Long Way, Baby!

Next Saturday (June 4), Jack and I will be celebrating our SIXTH wedding anniversary. Where does time go?! It honestly seems like yesterday we were leaving the church.....(June 4, 2005)

...and then being the goofy newlyweds we totally were. (plus the richest we were ever going to be! Who would have thought we could live well while stashing away one salary as we lived life in our cute little 2-bedroom apartment?). Side note: Pic below taken at our first Halloween as a married couple. I don't think we've dressed up since. (October 2005)

...and then becoming even bigger "adults" as we purchased our own home, all before we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. Pictured below: Enjoying a second anniversary outing in Wichita. (June 2007)

...and then starting to talk about babies - but thinking it would the distant future - all while enjoying our "alone" time as a couple. Pictured below: one of our many outings to the TECH Holiday Festival. A great excuse to get dolled up and enjoy a night on the town! (November 2008)

...and then finally getting pregnant...only to realize that the "us" time will never be the same again. (it's much sweeter!) Pictured below: my hot hubbie and my chubby cheeks at our family baby shower. (July 2009)

 ...and then welcoming our daughter into our hearts and home, but realizing that we would never, ever take pictures of just "us" again - unless someone else thinks about it and does it for us! Pictured here: Loving on each other at Shooting for the Cure. (February 2011)

Happy (early) anniversary, Jackson! I love you more than the day we met 9.5 years ago - and I can't believe all that we've been through in these last six years of marriage. Here's to another year of wedded bliss....and Kathy Girst cake! :)

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The Feather Files said...

Congratulations! It is amazing to look back at life together. We are celebrating 5 years in a few months and I just can't believe it!

PS - Your anniversary is the same day that we are moving!