Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Year Older....But Wiser?!

This week I turned 28. And while it's not a monumental birthday by any means, I do admit that it's weird to think I'll only have one more birthday in my 20's. 

Jack surprisingly had a day off, so we had a wonderful day celebrating as a family. A little work, a lot of play, and some relaxing...that's my kind of birthday!

Jack and Mack spoiled me with new running shoes (they know me so well!) and some sewing lessons. (side note: My parents purchased me a sewing machine - at my request - for Christmas this year, and I have yet to use it....let's just say I had a worse grade than my brother in middle school home ec class!)

They also treated me like a queen throughout the day, letting me get in a nice run/walk (it was also National Running Day...perfect!), a trip to Starbucks and the Hutch Public Library, a drive-through Bogey's Happy Hour afternoon break, and finally a trip out to Carriage Crossing for a nice, home-cooked meal. It was perfect!

Here are a few snapshots of the day (note: my little miss likes to bring out her diva personality when it comes to the camera these days...especially if she's posing with her mama. She'd rather be looking  at the pics on the camera than posing for them. She has yet to understand that if she doesn't pose for pics, she can't see them on the screen!)

Mackie received a gift herself...her own drink at Starbucks! She really enjoys getting ice water whenever we go to Starbucks, mainly for the green straw. The super-sweet barista put her signature on it. 

And last but not least....this provides a great explanation of our family. Jack: enjoys a sugar rush without the coffee. Mack: it's the simple things in life, this time the green straw and ice. Me: tired mommy needs a little bit of a coffee boost (albeit it's a decaf, but it's still the kick I needed!). 

Thanks to my two sweeties for making my day extra-special...and my family and friends who also spoiled me throughout the week. Here's to being closer to (gulp!) 29!

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