Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Big Gender Reveal

Wednesday is the big gender reveal day! We like to wait around here in the Conkling house...I'll be just over 21 weeks and we're ready to know if Waveland is a boy or a girl in there!

I'm thinking a girl (mainly because I've had the exact.same.pregnancy as I did with Mackie), but there has been one difference: the heartbeat. Last month's appointment indicated the baby's heartbeat was at 140 bpm. I don't recall Mackie's heartbeat being that low this early. But who knows? It's all wive's tales anyway. As I said before, it's fun and exciting to know that God is the only one who knows what this baby is right now! :)

After weeks of asking, begging, and pleading, I finally had Jack give me an indication of what he thinks the babe is. He's thinking boy. I have to say, he has a pretty good track record at guessing in life. Take point: the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Out of the last three seasons that he's joined me to watch my guilty pleasure, he's guessed the top 2 male or females of the bunch from the first episode. That's impressive, huh?! ;)

Our ultimate hope is for the baby to be healthy - to have ten fingers, ten toes, a growing body, strong-beating heart, clear lungs, the list continues. We'd also like for our sweet babe to show us the goods (or no goods, if there aren't any)...because I've really, really, really been patient waiting this long! That, and I'd (kinda) like to be right. As you know, Jack and I have to make it a competition. A Mountain Dew (Jack) and a decaf nonfat iced latte from Starbucks (me) is on the line here!

So what are your thoughts? Is Waveland a boy or a girl? You'll have to stay tuned to tomorrow afternoon's blog post for the answer!


Sarah said...

So excited for you to find out!

Rashelle said...

Well, Lily's vote is for a girl. I don't have a strong opinion either way but if I had to guess I would guess boy. Looking forward to the big reveal!

eeds said...

I bet BOY! :) Sarah will tell you they eat dirt and are messy but from experience I can tell you that they are WONDERFUL!