Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Days

Summertime may be a break for some teachers, but I truly believe my husband works waaaayyy harder in the summer than he does during the school year. June is the perfect example of this: he gets up at 5 a.m. to work out most mornings, followed by a few hours of high school girls basketball practice/camps, and then proceeds to work 10-12 hours managing the Salt City Splash Aquatic Center. One night a week he also coaches a girls basketball team in their high school or middle school league. 

A lazy summer? I think not. 

Jack has always been a hard worker....a trait I admire in my lovely hubbie. We both loved our work and dove full-in when we were "just married." Now that Mackie's here, though, priorities have somewhat changed and he can't help but feel torn when he's away from his girls all day long....and in June, I literally mean!

So, we came up with a fun way for him to have special daddy-daughter bonding time with Mackie this summer. On Wednesdays (Jack's day off), Jack and Mack will have special date days. It's a win (for Jack), a win (for Mack), and a win (for me!).

Today my sweeties went to Dillon Nature Center to feed the ducks (oddly enough there were no ducks around), so Mackie did her next favorite thing: push all of the buttons and point to the frogs and snakes and other disgusting creatures in the Visitor's Center. They then enjoyed a picnic lunch at the church and played on the playground. Both came home with sun-kissed cheeks, glistening brows, and exhausted from the fun morning. Must explain why they're both taking naps right now! :)

Jack also has Sundays off and we've already decided to make that family day - church, time together, and nothing on the agenda. Despite our hectic lives and work schedules, we're making this summer "our" summer - the last one as a family of three!

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Anonymous said...

So Sweet!!! He is such a good daddy and of course you are an outstanding mommy!! :) Have a wonderful summer together as a family!

Melissa Taylor