Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's Day 2011

Mackie and I did our best to spoil Jackson on his special day. We went to church, hung out with both of our dads (and grandpas/grandmas), and ended the day with homemade caramel apple pie and ice cream. Not too shabby for 24 hours! We ended up buying Jack a practical gift....a weed wacker (better known as a trimmer) from Lowe's. I was that person, totally clueless last weekend when perusing the million styles there. I think I did "good." 

Here are some snapshots of my favorite daddy with our favorite sweet pea. (note: Mackie now thinks it's fun to CHEESE and close her eyes while doing so. The little miss only opened her eyes enough to blow kisses. Oh, the drama of taking pics!)

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