Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daddy's Day - My Baby's Daddy!

Some great pics of a daddy and his daughter!

 Jack and Mackie, March 2010

 Mackie wearing her daddy's favorite shirt (at the time), June 2010

 Jack and Mackie, July 2010

Jack and Mackie, May 2011

Yesterday I posted about the first daddy in my OWN! (read below)

Today I'll entertain you with a post about the love-of-my-life daddy, you know, my baby's daddy (or should it be babies' daddy with Wave in the womb?!)

I eluded to the fact that I married a man much like my dad...and how research indicates the relationships dads have with their daughters is monumental in their growth and development. Some research even says that daughters who have great, solid relationships with their fathers end up marrying men much like their daddies. It rings true in this household, that's for sure. Someone once told me that Jack and I look like a younger Jim and Beth (that's my parents for those of you who may not know). I don't know if I married someone that much like my dad, but you get the point.

Jackson is an AMAZING father. It comes first from being an AMAZING husband. He's a Godly man and wants to lead the ladies of his house to the Lord. He loves me unconditionally and isn't afraid to tell that to Mackie - or let her know that mommy is first, children are second. (something that is so often easy to forget and do!)

He loves, loves, loves his little girl. And Mackie loves, loves, loves her daddy. She's his lady; he's her prince. My heart melts when I see the two of them in tickle fights, snuggling in the rocking chair, or both asleep on the couch.

Jack is a guy's guy but one who's not afraid to dance with his little diva, or give her pig-tails, or change her dirty dipes. He's been that way from the beginning - an amazing helper, one who would wake up at all hours in the night with me in those early days of being a parent. He'd change Mackie while I'd get ready to feed her. It was a glorious system - one that I don't know will exist when you add another one to the mix! :)

I see so many of his wonderful traits in our daughter. Her busyness, her curiosity and desire for life, and her sensitive, sweet heart. All things that come from daddy. At 22 months, Mackie already has dates with her daddy....a trend they'll continue until she's well in her teen years and cringing at the fact she has to bee seen in public with her daddy. Just last night, Jack was talking about how much he loves that precious time with his daughter.

He also has big plans for her. The two can be seen "playing" basketball, swinging baseball bats, and playing catch. Jack can't wait to coach his little girl and share his excitement for basketball, softball, and other sports.

As for Waveland and her/his daddy? You can bet that Jack's already loving on the sweet babe growing inside of me. He often times kisses the baby belly and talks to him/her, just like he did with Mackie. Everyone asks me if he wants a boy or a girl...and honestly, I can't even get it out of him! However, he does make mention that he wouldn't mind another girl. For basketball's sake, of course. Who else is going to be teaming up with big sis?!

Happy Father's Day, Jack! You're the love of my life and I'm so thankful for the wonderful example you provide our daughter...and future baby!

Love you!

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