Friday, June 17, 2011

Dad's Day - Daddy's Girl

In honor of Father's Day this coming Sunday, I thought I'd talk a little bit about the wonderful men - and dads - in my own daddy and my baby's daddy.

Let's start with my daddy. (below pic: Dad and I at the finish line of my first marathon, the Wichita Marathon, in October 2007).

My dad is a pretty amazing guy. He's a hard worker and dedicated to serving others in our community, whether it be through church or the several hundred youth he's worked with as a coach. He's pretty smart, too. He's the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of TECH, an organization that provides services for the mentally handicapped and disabled in the Hutchinson area.

He's a great family man, too. He helps take care of his parents - my grandpa and grandma who live in Hutchinson - and drops by their place weekly to check in on them, help around their yard/house, or to just talk shop. He loves my mama with all his heart and it shows through his support, love, and dedication to her (not to mention the wonderful treats of flowers, jewelry, and other fun surprises he springs on her every now and then!). He loves my brother and I - and has made soooo many sacrifices over the year to make sure that we were all taken care of.

He loves sports - especially baseball. Must be the fact that he played baseball at both HCC and K-State. He's a die-hard K-State and Royals fan, but will admit that his favorite baseball player of all time happens to be a Yankee, Mickey Mantle. Even more, he loves coaching sports. It started with my brother and I - anywhere from soccer to basketball to football to baseball. He was so happy when my brother started to love baseball more than basketball. He and my brother would spend hours upon hours outside in our backyard, hitting baseballs in the batting cage or playing catch. It paid off, too, as my brother had a successful high school and collegiate career, making it to the minors, which is very, very, very difficult to do! My dad now spends his days coaching high school baseball and middle school boys basketball. He's also known to help out little kids in the neighborhood or Buhler schools with their baseball skills. The guy is a great teacher.

He's a fit guy for a man who turned 55 this year. He still can be found playing noon basketball at the YMCA, and when he's not playing basketball or racquetball, he's out on his bike, in the swimming pool, or out for a run. He's a great example of someone living an active lifestyle and having fun while doing it.

He loves being a kid. Dad's Saturday routine usually includes a trip to the YMCA (for racquetball, swimming, and cardio room) followed by a trip to Target, where he'll peruse the baseball cards with a bag of popcorn in hand. He has thousands upon thousands of cards in his collection...and it's never quite enough.

My dad loves the Lord and knows that He is the ultimate Father. That's probably what I love most about him...that he's a man of faith.

They say that daughters who have a good relationship with their fathers usually date and marry a similar guy. That is mostly the case in my I'll share with you tomorrow when I brag on my sweetie - and daddy to our wonderful, amazing daughter.

Happy Father's Day, daddy! Thanks for all of your love, support, and prayers over the years. I love you!


Thad Bergmeier said...

Where's Jack in that photo? Oh, yea, he is a few miles back....

amyc said...

HAHAHA, Thad! I HAD to tell Jack this one...he just rolled the eyes.
We miss you guys. Mackie has now learned to say "Go Cubbies!" with her arms in the air. We're getting her ready for this coming weekend when we watch them play at KC.
See you all soon!
- Amy