Wednesday, June 29, 2011

KC Vacation: Part I - Baseballin' It

All smiles in the car. Little miss was a champ with the driving!

Vacations in the summer are a prime activity in the Conkling casa - mainly because it's my busiest time of the year for work, and Jack's balancing 50-60 hours a week managing the pool plus coaching basketball in the mornings and some evenings during the month of June. We're the "weird" ones who vacation in the fall...mainly because we have no other choice!

Despite our lack of vacationing, we do try to have a weekend get-away at least once a summer. It does the mind, body - and our family - a dose of good. There's nothing like a little road trip to reunite our family of three (four, including Wave!).

We decided to take advantage of the Cubbies playing at the K this year (only happens about every 12 years) and made a weekend of it in Kansas City. We took in TWO Chicago Cubs vs. Royals baseball games - a huge deal considering temps were in the high 90s with high humidity and a cranky toddler wanting to get out of her seat every other inning. We only wish we opted for the Friday night game, as our poor Cubbies lost in both games we saw on Saturday and Sunday. Despite the heat, humidity, and crankies, we did manage to have a good time, though - as the pics will show you!

 Mackie and Daddy getting ready for M's first Cubs game!

 We were surrounded by Cubs fans! Jack always tells me that Cubs fans travel well....and this weekend I believed it. The K was more like Wrigley South with the amount of Cubbies gear we saw in the stands!

 Mackie and Daddy taking a sneak peek of the pitchers before Sunday's game.

Mackie had the crowd going with her "Let's Go Cubbies!" cheers. We sure love her!

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Monique Bergmeier said...

Looks like a great weekend! Sure wished we could have been there. Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!