Friday, June 24, 2011

Party Planning Time!

In seven weeks, my sweet baby girl will be turning TWO and wearing this super cute shirt to her birthday party! :) A far-away friend, Lindsay (you know, the same creative mama who made Mackie's super cute ladybug shirt and tutu outfit last year) went above and beyond again to create this beauty!

All I had were three requests: pink, purple, and butterflies. And this is what her talented mind came up with! God has indeed blessed her with creative skills. You can purchase your own custom made shirt or other cute do-dads at her awesome Etsy store, Blue Yodey Boutique. Check it out!

Side note: Her wonderful sis-in-law and my dear friend, Dana, also has been blessed with a creative gene. Last week we went fabric shopping for a messenger bag/cool "mom" purse that she'll be making me before Wave arrives. She, too, has an Etsy store - Shop 307

Okay, back to the party details...
Mackie's birthday actually falls ON the Salty Dog Triathlon this year. For those of you who remember, the Salty Dog Triathlon is my largest special event for my job. In 2009 I was five days away from giving birth to my sweet pea, waddling around and scaring my co-workers as they thought I'd give birth any minute.

Last year M's birthday was the day before the Dog, but we didn't celebrate her big day until the next day. I pulled off the Dog, a first birthday party, and my husband's 10-year all in one LOOOONGGG day!

We're up to the task again this year and will have M's birthday party on her actual birthday. This means Salty Dog/Salty Pup Triathlon in the morning, a much-needed nap for M in the afternoon, and partying in the evening with family. Phew, I'm tired just thinking about it!

Now I hope you can understand that it's not my type-A personality coming out to plan her party seven weeks early, but just plain common sense that tells me I have to iron out the details now so I don't go crazy later.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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dana said...

Thanks for the tip my way, friend! So fun to see you TWICE on our vacations!!