Monday, June 13, 2011

Sugar and Spice at 22 Months

Mackenzie Claire,
Since when did you become 22 months old...only two months away from being TWO years old...and four months away from being a big sis?! Please stop growing up so fast. While mommy and daddy both have fallen in love with you more and more each day, we can't believe that our little baby is not a baby anymore but a full-fledged toddler.

As we say in every month-by-month post, we love you at this stage right now! It seems that each milestone is that much sweeter. Here are some snippets of your life these days:

- Sugar: There is some kindness in that super sweet heart of yours, and I pray that God uses it to glorify Him as you continue to age. You love giving hugs and kisses - not only to mommy and daddy, but to almost everyone you meet. You have a tender side that comes out when you see mommy or daddy hurting, or if you have done something on accident you usually follow-up with a "I'm sorry, mommy." One of the sweetest things I hear from others is when we're not around, such as in the church nursery. You're the queen bee in there right now and we often hear how kind and helpful you are to the other 1-yr-olds in the class. Warms our heart to know that you're kind to others without the prodding of mommy and daddy., little miss!

- Spice: There's of course that sassy side - you know, the side that came from your mama. There are times when you definitely stretch us - our patience, calmness, etc, etc. You have been known from time to time to throw yourself on the ground in a tantrum when you don't get your way or when we have to go somewhere and you're not quite ready. Usually these are short-lived. Usually. I'm praying we don't see several of these in the coming months as you transition into the 2's and then eventually the 3's, but I've heard otherwise.

- Vocal: Again, I'm amazed at your definitely get these early talking skills from your daddy! (mommy wasn't quite as fortunate and didn't get the point of talking until she was 2 or so) You speak pretty clearly (most of the time) or at least connect enough words in sentences that we understand your requests. You also pick up on words very quickly. We ask you to repeat something and it usually sticks!

- Loves: You're definitely in a "mommy" stage right now, as you love taking care of your baby, dolly, doggie, bunny, and Winnie (the Pooh). They usually all have to go in the crib with you when you take a nap...give or take a few. I love how you bundle them up and try to "change" their dipes. So precious! You're still loving your "Se-Se" (Sesame Street) time in the morning and love almost all of the characters, especially Elmo, Abby, and Cookie. Recently you've taken a liking to Mickey Mouse, which we didn't know why until I picked you up at the sitter and you were talking about it with your friends, Bella and MaKenna.

- Helper: You have taken a liking to helping me out in the kitchen. You like to help me "make" my coffee (or you make your own in your play kitchen), plus you like mixing the trail mix whenever we make your special Mackie's mix. I often times find you stealing raisins of out the mix, which explains the great dipes you've been giving us lately. :)

- Summer Love: You're just like your mommy and daddy and LOVE the warm weather! You love, love, love the water (a must, considering both of your parents were lifeguards and managers of a pool). You also love the sandbox, playgrounds, and feeding the ducks. We're building you a playset soon, complete with swing, slide, and other fun toys once daddy's hectic June slows down. Another great perk about your love for the great outdoors? Nap times haven't been better! :)

You're going to be an excellent big sis, little miss. Sure, your world will turn upside down and there will be that (tough?) transition from one babe to two, but! (ask me this in a few months as the weeks of Wave's arrival draw near!) I'm excited to see you with your baby brother or sister and how you step up to the challenge of being a kind, gentle, fun-loving little lady that you are developing into. Much love, sweet pea! Until next month.....


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