Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Waveland's Wednesday Update - 19 weeks

Dearest Waveland,
We're now referring to you more and more as Wave, so your "realness" is starting to sink in. Your big sis loves telling people that "her" baby is in mommy's pummy (working on those t's!) and every now and then daddy likes to rub the belly and whisper to you. So sweet!

Not much has happened in the last week, EXCEPT that I'm starting to feel you kick a bit! :) This makes mommy happy (and relieved) as it's a great sign you're growing strong and healthy in there. I was just telling your daddy the other day that I hadn't felt you kick yet...at least I didn't think I had. And then, wahla! You must have been listening and wanting to give your momma some comfort. Thank you!

It's been a heat wave around here (strange for early June), so you'll be swimming a lot in the coming days. I hope you're a little fish like your sis!

Love you bunches, baby. Can't wait to call you baby boy or baby girl in just two weeks!

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