Monday, June 20, 2011

Wave's Wednesday Update - 21 Weeks

This round of Wave's weekly update will come a little early, because on Wednesday we'll be finding out LOTS more about our little mr/miss...mainly if Wave IS a mister or a miss! I'll provide a more in-depth blog post following our sono on Wednesday afternoon. 

Below are snapshots of my 21-week belly. Can't believe that we're half-way done and about four months away from meeting him/her!

And, in recent days, as people continue to ask me when we're finding out, if we're finding out, and how can we contain our excitement, I've simply come up with the best reason possible: because at this moment, God is the only one who knows if our little babe is a boy or girl in there. I'm so incredibly humbled by that fact...and thankful for the minds that created sonogram technology (as well as those who are trained to read them!). 

So, Wave - consider this your last post as a un-genderized little one. (yes, just made up a word) Actually, let's hope this is your last post as an un-genderized little one. Who knows if you'll cooperate. You do have a stubborn big sister, mommy, and daddy. 

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