Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do The (clap, clap, clap) Potty Dance!

Does anyone else know of that annoying song that's on the Huggies commercials? It's daytime's finest commercial, let me tell you. (ugh!)

We're quickly moving into the world of potty training Miss Mackie. We have one more week of swim lessons - plus an overnight stay with grandma and grandpa - and we're hoping to hit the ground running come Monday of next week.

We have some of the essentials....

Pull-Up training pants for naptime/bedtime (at first...I'm not that crazy of a mother who expects my child to be fully able to let me know when she wants to pee during her sleep times).

The treats - AKA marshmallows - for when she does the "deed." Right now she's not a big fan of going pee in the potty. But the other? Yes! Therefore we give her 2 marshmallows for going #2. Genius, right?! ;)
We also have some cute big-girl panties that we opened up and oohed and aahed over the other night.

Now the big-time question for my super-smart mamas out there...what's your potty training style? Right now we're going to do the "put the kid in undies and set the timer for 30 minutes" training. But then I've heard of letting the kid run free and let them tell you when it's time to go. I have mixed feelings on both. I thought I'd do more research and line out a more complete plan than what I have done (I know, so not like me!) but honestly I just want to get started and make adaptations as we go along. It may sound stupid...so please tell me if that's the case.

Here's to potty-training in a week!


Lindsay said...

Good luck Amy!! If anyone can stand their ground and "git er dun," you can!! Me, well let's just say it's not going to happen anytime soon. With the low-muscle tone I think we're in for the long haul. Ella did okay at 18 months but never was fully trained until later (like 3.5 or so...LATE). Jack, one day he just got it and that was it - he wanted to and he did - even stayed dry at bedtime from day one. He was 3.5. Everyone does it different, just try not to get frustrated. If you think about it, it's just a hard concept to learn! If you don't "feel" like doing it one day, take a break - it's not worth the frustration. Trust me. And know they they will NOT be going to Kindergarten in a diaper. :-)

Rashelle said...

It's good to have some tricks under your belt but let Mackie run the show. There are a gazillion ideas out there but you know your daughter best! All three of mine had different motivators and none of them wanted anything to do with a potty chair...straight to the big potty. I didn't use pull-ups until Max and they seemed to work well for him. With Lily we did dresses with no undies and Lincoln did better in the buff. We usually set the timer for 3o min. They sat on the potty no longer than 3 min. If they did the deed, they received their treat and an inch of some sort of liquid... a little fuel to set her up for success. I can tell you from experience that the more you push the harder she will push back! Follow her lead and set it all up so it is her "idea." I speak of this like it is past tense but it is very much our life today. Max is on his 4th day of big boy pants all day even outings and naps. I am not ready to get rid of the diapers just yet but dreaming of how I am going to spend the extra $$.

Fish said...

Well, first know that what works for one may not work for the other...but Culley and I spent the day in the kitchen (no carpet) and she only had a shirt on. I let her do the talking and every time she started peeing we RAN to the toilet. The first day we had zero luck...but tons of fun playing with new things on the kitchen floor, baking, counting, coloring, etc. If she got a little in the potty she got her treat. After the first four days or so she had the hang of it...I still took her ever once in a while if she hadn't told me in a while because she was still pretty young but I am happy to say that I don't even need to do that anymore! Go get'em!!!

Staci said...

Hey Ames! I'm with Jodi...we did the buff and about the third day he had it down and has only had a handful of accidents in 4 months! Good luck!