Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy July 4th from the Conkling clan, including our little firecracker! (she seriously looks like a diva in this first picture...eek!)

We decided to make a brief appearance at the July 4th parade this morning. We had two floats to see: Papa's work float and Daddy's work float. Both were great and we scooted out of there right as the ovens decided to turn on outside. (Toddler + six-month pregnant mama = short stints outside, unless it involves the pool!)

Mackie even met Ribbit the Frog from the Salt City Splash for the first time. (she sees Ribbit every time we visit daddy at the pool, but it's just a picture...she was pretty excited to see the real deal!)

Post nap-time we're off to Grandma and Papa's pool to cool off, splash around, and kill time before daddy gets off of work. Have a safe holiday!

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