Saturday, July 16, 2011

Potty Training - We Survived the First Week!

Phew....we made it to Saturday! As you may recall, we started potty training this week. We started off Monday morning by getting up and putting on the big girl panties, followed by some pics. 

 It's amazing how a pair of cute undies makes a toddler look like a BIG girl. :( 

You'll notice it was all smiles. Those smiles soon disappeared and by Monday post nap-time, I was seriously debating if I had made a huge mistake. We had meltdowns every 30 minutes when we (attempted) to go potty. I tried to make it a game. Tempt with marshmallows. Run to the potty while squealing with delight. Little miss (side note: Mackie had NEVER hated sitting on the potty until Monday...this is why we thought she was ready, as she would love to sit down on it whenever she went in the bathroom). She'd rather pee in her cute panties and sit in a puddle. Sigh. I feared giving my child liquids of any kind because I knew the result: me scrubbing pee out of carpets. (thankfully the little miss WOULD go when she had to do #2).

After encouraging texts from my sweet sis-in-law and other fellow mamas, I pressed on. I heard to just get through 48 hours. Tuesday was much better, with fewer accidents and an actual excitement to sit on the potty and the following days produced better results. (I upped the ante from marshmallows to M & M's...wonder if that had anything to do with it?!)

I will say I still have a bit of relief come naptime and bedtime, when the dipe goes on (we're not that crazy in totally training her at this point...taking baby steps here!)

We've made it to Saturday and while we have accidents here and there, we're chugging along. However, she's not telling us she needs to go potty. She just goes when we sit her every 30 minutes to an hour. Mamas, how do we train her to tell us and let us know before she goes in her pants? And are there any tips to have her use a public potty? I did get a seat to put on a public potty that I'll keep in the car, but I don't know if she'll go for it. She likes having her own special seat to sit in. I'll take any advice in these next phases of potty training!

Perhaps the FUNNIEST moment of the week came Thursday morning. Jack was on potty duty as I went to the office. Shortly after I arrived, I received a phone call. "Well, your daughter went potty," my wonderful hubbie told me. "And when I asked her what treat she wanted, she very clearly said 'Starbucks!' What have you been teaching her?"

I plead the 5th, babe.

Oh, and to show us that she's growing up even more... the little miss has become an escape artist. She crawled out of her pack n' play at the sitter's house on Thursday (she's done this before), but a new trick she pulled was last night, about two hours post-bed time. Jack and I were in the kitchen and all of a sudden heard our baby girl wailing (very unusual as she goes straight to bed). I rushed to her room to find her door open (NOT good) and sweet pea running out of our room, trembling in fear as she was in a daze from being half-awake, getting out of her crib (who knew if she fell or not?), and not finding mommy and daddy right away. Let's just say it took an hour to calm her down. We now have lots of pillows surrounding the crib in case she makes an escape. We want to see if this was a unique thing, or if we need to start converting the crib to a toddler bed (can you tell I'm putting this off?!). Sigh.

Why is mommy's baby so ready to grow up?! I know I'm not.

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alisha said...

Taylor did the same thing - got out of her crib the first week of potty training. We had to stop training the potty and convert to the toddler bed. It went fine when we started back up.

It takes a while for them to tell you they have to go. She has to fully relate what she's feeling before she can tell you quick enough. Make her go before you leave the house and again before you leave your destination. Make sure there is nothing in that bladder before you're in a public place, or car!