Monday, July 11, 2011

Wave's Wednesday Update - 24 Weeks

Okay, Wave....mommy needs to apologize yet again for her lack of keeping up with the weekly updates. Honestly, where is time going? Right when I think time is standing still and/or slowing down, I find myself caught up in a whirlwind of activities - mostly including your big sis - and then another week has passed by.

You're 24 weeks and we're (finally!) starting to make some progress on your arrival in about 3 1/2 months. Here's what has been going on since our update:

- Party Dude: You survived your first "big party" as I celebrated my big 10-year high school reunion this past the 110 degree heat outdoors. I can't say that I totally enjoyed being pregnant at a reunion where everyone else was looking super cute in their summer dresses and outfits, but I have to say it was a treat catching up with old friends and classmates. There's something about reminiscing with a bunch of people who knew you way back'll find this out in the long, long future, Wave.

Speaking of appears you like having one in my belly. Seriously, I think right now your head is up in my rib cage and you're just jumping up and down on my bladder. Lovely.

- Pop-Out: It seems that I've popped out a bit since the last time I wrote. Case in point: I've been meeting some friends every other week or so to plan the big reunion. This weekend I had a few gals tell me the pop-out factor was in full force from the last time they saw me.

 24 weeks with Waveland

24 weeks with Mackie (or Wrigley, as we called her way back then!)

- Painting & A Plan: While we haven't even started on your room, we do have a plan of attack. Your daddy and I went to pick out paint samples this week (we're thinking blues and browns) and a good friend of mine snatched us up a nice second-hand convertible crib and changing table. Pretty soon I'll purchase some canvases to paint special Bible verses on. You'll be in our current office, which is a bit smaller than your sister's room (sorry, I guess that's what the 2nd child looks forward to?!), but I've already envisioned how we'll be arranging your room to make it homey, comfy, and a place of love and grace.

- Name Game: Sorry, but we can't call you Waveland forever...especially when you enter this world in the flesh. (though some people actually think we're going to!). No, your daddy and I broke out the name book last week to start discussing and researching what names will make the cut. Don't worry, either. We won't be telling anyone (and that includes your big sis who's a blabbermouth these days!) your name until you make your appearance come October.

- Mommy's World: I'm still running (slow, slower, slowest...with walking segments in between) along with cross training and strength training about 5-6 times a week. I haven't started to swell yet, but I do find myself retaining some water as the day (and heat) goes on. I'm still enjoying this 2nd trimester energy...but know that those days are numbered as August and September draw near. It's been fun floating and playing in the pool with your sis and daddy, as it's the best way to cool off...especially since we've been having temps in the 100's (or lower 90's) ever since Memorial Day! My ligaments - especially those in my lower legs and feet - tighten up at night., a classic indicator that I need to keep drinking the water, water, water!

We love you, Wave, and praise God for your creation. It's amazing to think every miniscule detail that He has planned out in your life....and the growth that's going on right now. We continue to pray for your health and a safe arrival in a few (short!) months. Ultimately, we pray that you come to know Him as your Lord and Savior...and love Him with all of your heart, all of your mind, and all of your soul!

Love you, sweet baby boy.

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