Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wave's Wednesday Update - 25 Weeks

Ah, baby boy -
You must be a morning baby. I say this because you're my wake-up call at about 5:30 a.m. each morning (fine by me, as I'm an early riser, too!). Your wake-up call is much sweeter than an alarm, though, as you like to pounce on my bladder and let me know you're in there.

We visited the doc yesterday. Big sis joined us for the first time and she LOVED hearing your heartbeat. It was a strong 130 bpm. You measured at 25 cm - right on target. Doc says everything is going well and again, I was in and out of the office in 15 minutes tops. Gotta love efficient medicine these days, right?!

We'll go back to see Dr. Cullan in three weeks for what will definitely be longer than a quick, 15-minute check-up. Your mama has to take a glucose test, which means she'll be downing this sugary drink that reminds her more of a super sweet fruit punch (gagging included). Please don't go crazy in there with the sugar rush. Your mama then has to go back later in the day for a good ole shot in the rear. (don't worry, she's just protecting you as she's Rh negative and needs you to say safe). Nothing like drinking sugar water and a shot in the rear to make your day!

Your mommy and daddy continue to make lists (well, mommy does) as we prepare for your arrival. Mama has been perusing Websites looking for room ideas and has been scouring the clearance racks for boy clothes (babies are super sweet naked, but it'll be will want to be dressed).

Your grandpa thinks a great name for you would be Jim-Bob....after the grandpas, of course. We think otherwise. Daddy and I have been researching names and have a couple of top names. Of course we're not telling anyone!

We love you, baby boy! Keep on growing in there....and kicking and punching and letting me know you're healthy and active.
- Mama

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crystal.most said...

Amy- Aspen Rank has a ton of baby boy clothes from newborn-18 months for sale. :)