Friday, August 26, 2011

Best Purchase of the Summer

Earlier this summer, my parents asked if Mackie (and the future babe) would enjoy a swing-set in the backyard. They wanted to help cover the cost of one, and we couldn't pass up an offer like that! So we researched....and himmed....and hawed....and finally decided to get one that had instructions to follow, all of the lumber and parts included, and (somewhat) easy enough to get finished in a matter of days.

Two out of three isn't too bad!

Our box came in July - ONE box for an ENTIRE swing-set. I looked at Jack wide-eyed and fearing the size of project I just "signed" him up to conquer. The goal: Get the swing-set finished by Mackie's 2nd birthday. 

 It wasn't necessarily the swing-set that took a while to construct, but finding the time in my husband's overly busy swamped schedule. He spent his days and mornings off fixing and extending our backyard fence, cleaning up the backyard, and preparing it for the swing-set. He then ventured into organizing all of the swing-set pieces and parts. The grandpas even helped (much appreciated!), and Jack finished it with two days to spare. (love 'em so!)

Here's our new addition to the backyard. Again, the BEST investment we made this summer! Now that it's (somewhat) cooling off, Mackie enjoys playing and climbing on it morning, noon, and night. 

 This is Mackie's usual attire when playing - undies, Crocs, and a t-shirt. Oh me!

 Proud daddy with his work of art. Way to go, Jack!


dana said...

Fun! We wanna come play!

dana said...

Fun! We wanna come play!