Monday, August 1, 2011

Humbled by Blessings

As you know, we have had quite the last few weeks in our household. (read the post below) Thankfully we had no tragedies or life-shattering experiences...just the stressors of life that seemed to take a toil on our bodies, our spirits, and our day-to-day living (and the fact that I'm stripping away the pride and admitting my need for some help at 7 months pregnant!).

That said, I am completely humbled and amazed by the loving brothers and sisters in Christ who have been lifting us up in prayer. We had people offer to make meals...even one family already make the meal and basically gave it to us with no excuses so I didn't have to cook that night. (WOW!) We had friends over this weekend and they wanted to watch Mackie so Jack and I could have some much-needed alone time.

This is how the chuch operates. This is how family and friends come together to help each other out. And the most amazing part? It wasn't a tragic or life-changing event that took place for our support system to help us. They simply wanted to help ease the burden and be a light in our rather gloomy week.

Thank you, family and friends. We love you!

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