Monday, August 15, 2011

Party Girl!

We survived! Not only did we survive virtually no sleep the night before Mackie's birthday (Jack pulled an all-nighter guarding the pool for the big Salty Dog Triathlon; I maybe slept 2 1/2 hours after doing last minute Salty Dog details and decorating 24 butterfly cupcakes for a special party), but we had a BLAST at Mackie's 2nd birthday party.

Thanks to the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who came over to celebrate our sweet pea's "happy day!" We were blessed to have great-grandparents, both sets of grandparents, all but one of the aunts and uncles, and all of the cousins over to celebrate.

Mackie definitely knew it was her birthday - and she decided that she indeed was 2 instead of 4 when everyone asked her on Saturday. (In the weeks leading up to her birthday, little miss thought she would tell everyone she was turning 4). She walked around singing "Happy Birthday" to herself or gleefully saying "Mackie's Happy Day!" as we decorated and started getting ready for her party. 

I think this pic pretty much sums up her excitement pre-party.....

She was a good hostess and greeted each guest at the door.

She dug into the Ken's pizza after patiently waiting for everyone to arrive.

Little miss had so many presents, one would have thought Christmas came around in August!

The "hit" gift of the night was an Abby Cadaby doll from Aunt Abby, Uncle Gavin, and cousin Riley. Good thing it was one of the last gifts to be opened - we couldn't get her focused in to open the last two!

When it comes to cupcakes or any sweet treat, Mackie is all business. I should tell you a side note story about blowing out the candles, but I may (may) save that for a later post. Let's just say it involved mommy tipping the cupcake over a little too much for little miss to blow out her two candles. No fires or injuries were involved - phew!

And the BEST part of the birthday party? When all was said and done....the pizza was gone, presents were unwrapped, and cupcakes were handed out, we sent all of the older kiddos (six who are 5 and younger) to play OUTSIDE on the new swingset! Ah, sweet bliss. Probably the best purchase - and 24 hours of labor - we (or Jack) did this summer.


Rashelle said...

It was a FUN party for a sweet girl!!

Lindsay said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY miss mackie!! She's so adorable. So glad you could have some fun on virtually NO sleep! I pray you've caught up in the meantime and have a great week! :-)

Jen Gehring said...

Amazing! I felt like I was there! I hope sweet mackie had an amazing birthday!