Sunday, August 7, 2011

This Is It!

This is the week....the busiest  week of the year! For those of you who have followed this blog for a while, you know that Mackie was born in the midst of my largest special event of the year (you know, for my "real world" job) - the Salty Dog Triathlon.

In 2009, the Salty Dog was five days from Mackie's due date. My doc told me for three weeks (yes, three weeks!) that I would have that baby any time and should plan on someone else taking my spot for the triathlon. (really? who else do you just "drop" a big-time event onto?!) My fellow co-workers (more like family who I LOVE) thought I was going to pop any minute. It wasn't until after the event that some even secretly hoped I wouldn't be there, as they were for sure that I was going to have that baby right then, right there. (Hey, it wouldn't have been that bad. We do have EMS there!)

Turns out, I didn't. I waddled around with my 9-month belly and we pulled off a fantastic event. I gave birth to Mackie five days later (yes, on her due date!) and the staff was relieved I didn't have a water birth during the swim portion of the event.

Fast forward to last year, and the Dog fell on the day after little miss's birthday. Due to the hectic Friday before, Jack and I opted to pull off the unthinkable: to conquer the Dog in the morning/early afternoon (on limited sleep), clean up the house and have M's first birthday party, and then have a sitter come over so we could enjoy Jack's 10-year high school reunion. I promised myself I wouldn't be that crazy again.

So much for promising.

This year's Dog falls on Mackie's 2nd birthday. And we've decided to go ahead and have her birthday party on the same day. And I'm 7 months preggo. And it's been 100-115 degrees for so many days in a row it doesn't even matter anymore. And I have my dreadful glucose test, dr appointment, and get-a-rhogam-shot-in-the-rear appointment this week. And we (or I) would really like hubs to finish Mackie's swingset (you know, one of those 6-8 hour projects that always turn into a multiple day experiment) come Saturday so she can play on it with her cousins.

I have my to-do lists (some of them) in hand and am feverishly crossing things off left and right. I'm super thankful that my sweet hubs has off the Thursday and Friday before - and already has been extremely helpful and reassures me dirty underwear won't be thrown all over the place when our family comes over on Saturday afternoon. (He even surprised me with flowers that he had delivered to my office last week. Smart man.)

Here's to a busy week.! (with plenty of prayer, God's guidance, Starbucks half-caf, workouts to get the stress out, 20-minute power naps, and to-do lists on top of to-do lists to keep me sane).

Stay tuned!

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Lindsay said...

Oh dear girl. I TOTALLY know how you're feeling. It'll be sweet relief having this week over with - and you can do it!! Praying for you friend. Try not to OVER do it.