Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wave's Wednesday Update - 27 Weeks

Dearest Waveland,
Welcome to your third trimester of baking! Hard to believe that you'll be full term in 10 short weeks. Where oh where has the time gone? That's right....it's gone to RECORD BREAKING temperatures this summer, as we've experienced several days topping 110, 111, 112, 113....you get the picture. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm surviving. At this point, yet. If I were pregnant with your sister again (who was born in August) - definitely no. I'm just hoping this heat doesn't continue into September (and I'm not that poor soul of a mama who's waddling around at the Kansas State Fair, looking miserable and if I were to pop any minute).

Not much is going on around here other than the heat (and some crazy work schedules lately). You're one for staying busy and active like your mama. Here are some things going on in the world of you and the Conkling clan:
- We (think) we have a name for you! But don't worry...we're not telling anyone, and that includes your sister. She'd likely tattle on us.
- I've been resisting the urge to go shop for the (way cuter) girl clothes for your sister (who already has plenty!) so you won't stay in the nude when you get here. Grandma has been shopping for you, too, and there have been some great clearance sales and garage sales in the area lately.
- I ordered your bedding last week. Once it arrives we'll buy paint and get the nursery started. We're so sorry we didn't get to it sooner!
- Mommy is the MOST excited about a steal of a deal she found last week while perusing Craig's List. After months of searching eBay and Craig's List, we about threw in the towel (and a chunk of change) for a brand new BOB Duallie stroller. Fortunately we found one on Craig's List that's only two years old, the exact model we wanted, and almost half the price in great condition. Yay yay yay! It's bright orange mommy cannot wait to take you and big sis out for a stroll when you get here (and the weather is decent enough).
- I'm still running, though you're definitely a blessing in disguise. Usually I'll fight through the elements and push on despite heat or pain, but since having you in my belly, I'm really taking the mantra of listening to the body and taking care of myself (and you!). I've been decreasing my mileage, going from 30-35 a week when I found out I was pregnant to 25 a week, 20 a week, 15 a week, and now I'm going to aim for 10-15 a week for a while. We'll see how long that lasts! :) Runs are definitely different, as it's more of a run for 20 minutes, walk, run a few more minutes, walk...you get the picture. When I'm not running I'm usually on the stationary bike, elliptical, swimming, or doing some strength training and stretches. Like I told you before, Wave - I'm a mover...and it appears you are, too!
- You're a mover and a shaker usually after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can tell you're gonna love to eat already.
- Work is keeping me busy but you're a trooper in there. Keep with me, little man...mama is going to get a bit crazy in the coming days, but hopefully some down time before your arrival will make it all the worthwhile.

Love you, Wave! We can't wait to meet you in October.

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