Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wave's Weekly Update - 28 weeks

Dear Wave,
I'm glad you're not going crazy in there after that nasty sugary drink I had to down this morning. Honestly, the glucose test is the most dreaded pregnancy "to-do" in my opinion. Not far behind? The rhogam shot in the rear. Both of which I had done today. Yep, your mama knows how to time things right. Might as well get all of the icky stuff out of the way!

We had our monthly check-up today and you're doing great! The doc wanted to talk more about the half-marathon coming up that I'm helping coordinate and running plans rather than discuss you...so I guess that's a good thing?! You had (another) strong heartbeat of 135 bpm. I didn't even get your measurements as we got to talking about running - and you'll come to find that sometimes distracts me! :)

I continue to be amazed at how fast yet how slow time is moving in this pregnancy. We potentially could be meeting you in a mere 9-10 weeks (at full term). That will most likely not happen, as your sis was right on time at 40 weeks. I know I keep saying this - and mamas warned me - but everything seems to progress more quickly with the second babe. I feel (a lot!) bigger. Weight gain has come faster. I seem to be working out more with this pregnancy (thanks to keeping up my running/cross training routine and the added workout of chasing and lifting your big sis) and yet everything is going faster and I'm getting huger. Sigh. The joys of being pregnant, right? I guess I'll just eat my ice cream and move on. (haha!)

Your bedding came this week. Once our crazy week of Salty Dog Triathlon and big sis's 2nd bday party take place, we'll start focusing on your nursery. I can't wait to pick out a paint color and get started. Plus there are some other projects I have up my sleeve (canvases and learning how to sew boy burp cloths). That'll fit in perfectly with the final weeks as I start to nest, nest, nest!

Love you, baby boy, and so glad you're healthy in there. We can't wait to see you - and name you! Don't worry...we're still keeping the name a secret around here. For now, though, you can be rest assured that you won't be called Jim-Bob (the grandpas think that would be a great name). Oh me!

Love you,

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