Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wave's Weekly Update - 30 Weeks!

Welcome to 30 weeks! Hard to believe you're 3/4ths of the way baked and about 10 weeks from meeting mommy, daddy, and big sister. You seem to fit in just nicely in our crazy household already. I'm judging this solely on the bouncing and dancing you're doing on a consant basis in my belly. Love it! Keep on movin', little man. It's good to be quick on your feet for all of those basketball drills you'll be doing someday.

Things are still moving along nicely. We have quite the to-do list for you - and are finally getting the time to start tackling it! We purchased your bedroom paint (Riviera Blue - can't really describe it, so friends and family will just have to way for the completed product). It will go nicely with your bedding. We decided to buy your sis a big girl twin bed, which means you'll be getting her fancy shmancy crib and dresser/changing table, along with the nice glider rocker from her room! We have re-arranging to'll come in due time (hopefully before you arrive!).

We love you, little man. Mommy is starting to stock up on dipes (love, love, love getting the Pampers Swaddlers again!). We're also getting you some fun outfits and clothes for when you make your big arrival. It'll be a bit cool (we hope!) so I don't want you to go around naked. Mommy is excited for a long Labor Day weekend/vacation to sit down and paint your canvases among other things for your room. 

We pray that you continue to grow healthy and strong - but ultimately that we are good stewards of Christ and show you His ways once you enter this world. We can't wait for you to join our family!


* And for what it's worth, I decided to take some pics this morning of the 30-week belly. Haven't done it in a while and felt a little bad since I did it every week with Mackie. You'll see the comparison pic directly below! (and how I feel - and look - much bigger than I did with Mack!)

   30 weeks with Mackie (June 2009) 

                                                  30 weeks with Wave (August 2011)

                                                        Close-up shot of the 30-week belly

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