Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Big Sister

My dearest Mackenzie Claire,
Hard to believe you were this small just over two years ago. 

 Mackie's Birth Day - 8.13.09

And now you're this big!
First Day of Wee Toddlers - 9.14.11

You're a bubbly toddler, gleefully running through life (literally!) all while taking time out of your busy day to snuggle, love, and giggle with us. Sure you have your (diva-esque) moments when you're on the floor having a tantrum or crying hysterically because you can't watch "Cinderella" due to not picking up your toys. That aside, we love every.single.moment we have with you. 

You're about to become a big sister. Until now, I haven't really processed our family of three becoming a family of four. But it's starting to hit me. In a few short (hopefully short!) weeks, we'll add another member to our family. You will no longer be mama and daddy's only "baby". You're going to be the big girl...the big sister...the grown-up of the dynamic kid duo. Sigh.

When you were born, I never thought of you being a big sister. I never thought of you "splitting" time with another sibling. But alas, the time has come. I pray that you transition into your new family role as a girl of grace - one who loves her brother and shows him your cheesy smiles, showers him with kisses, and gently squeezes him with hugs. I know there will be those moments, days, weeks when it will seem like too much to bear. Baby brother will be tired. You'll be tired. We'll be tired. But we'll all get through it - with plenty of prayer, God's guidance, and our support system!

Get ready for a wild ride these next few weeks, baby girl. But most of all, know that daddy and I love you SO much. You're daddy's punkin. You're my sweet pea. And you're God's little girl who we pray grows up to love Him with all of your heart, all of your mind, and all of your strength. 

Love you, baby girl. And yes - you'll ALWAYS be our baby girl!

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