Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Fair - 2011 Edition

Mackie and I had the treat of going to the Fair TWICE this year - once on Monday (free day) to spend a few hours walking around and seeing Jack (he had students there). The big day, though, was on Wednesday when Jack, Mack, and I spent the afternoon/early evening really seeing all there was to offer.

Mackie enjoyed "saddling up" and then milking the pretend cow at the Pride of Kansas building. I think her BIGGEST highlight there were the pumpkins and watermelons. The girl loves her pumpkins. (I hope they have a decent crop this year so we can go to the pumpkin patch soon!)

She also enjoyed taking a train ride with Papa and Grandma. (I don't know who enjoyed it more - them or her!)

But perhaps the BEST part of both trips to the Fair (according to Mackie) was a visit to see the chickens. We visited them once on Monday and twice on Wednesday - and finally had to coax her out of that hen house with food. Weird little girl. :)

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