Sunday, September 11, 2011

Patience, Patience, Patience

Ever since I reached 30 weeks pregnancy time has seemed to halt and go full throttle at the same time. Anyone know what I mean? There are days when I don't know where the minutes and hours went, let alone how it got to be 6 p.m. without a plan for dinner and three hungry bellies wanting to be fed. And yet, those days combined just don't seem to go fast enough.

We have 6-7 weeks left until we meet our little man (hoping for closer to the 6-week range!) and yet I have this anxiousness inside of me. There are days when I think I might burst if I have to wait another week - let alone another month or more - until he joins the Conkling craziness we love to call family and life.

This anxiety - let's face it, it's a complete lack of patience! - is much different than my pregnancy with Mackie. With her, I was anxious for the unknowns...what the entire birth experience would be like (which I totally loved!) on earth would I work part-time from home and be a good mommy (looking back, why did I ever think that would be hard?! I long for the days of long, multiple naps!)... what would I do if she didn't nurse well/was colicky/didn't sleep at all/etc would I ever go to a grocery store (or out and about at all) ever again...the list continues.

This time around I'm more anxious to be done with the entire pregnancy thing. I don't know how you mamas of 3, 4, 5, or more children do it! I know what to expect this go-round. I'm ready to meet this little man and see what he looks like. I'm ready to bring him home and have his big sister shower him with kisses (hopefully). I'm ready for the sleepless nights...the every 2-3 hours of breastfeeding...the toddler temper tantrums when little brother gets the attention....yes, I'm ready for all of these headaches. 

So please excuse my "I'm ready to be done being pregnant" look I've been carrying around recently. I'm just ready!

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