Monday, September 19, 2011

Poor Baby Boy!

My poor, poor baby boy. 

I was so good about taking weekly pics when I was expecting Mackie. And then this little guy comes. And I'm bad - really bad - about remembering to take a pic (I'm much more scatter-brained this go-round with a toddler in tow), wanting to take a pic (I feel a lot BIGGER and a bit more uncomfortable at this point than I did with Mackie), and feeling the need to take a pic (I've been there, done that with this pregnancy thing!).

Mommies warned me. They said it'll be different with #2 - and it all starts with the pregnancy. Again, it's the "been there, done that" attitude. I feel it. Doc feels it (as proof by his quick, 15-minute appointments the last several months). And I know my (poor) hubbie feels it. 

But alas, thanks to a dear friend who's expecting her first (a GIRL, yay!), I was able to get my first belly shot in weeks at her recent baby shower. She had to talk me into it...and I totally saw myself in her giddy eyes - flashing back to two years ago when I was pregnant with Mackie. There's something different about the glow of a pregnant woman when it's her first baby as opposed to second, third, etc, etc! (as you'll see in the pic below!) 

So without further ado, here is a snapshot of our babes meeting each other in the womb. Dawn is due at the end of this month, making us about five weeks apart. In this pic, she's 37 weeks and I'm at 32 weeks. 

On a side note: I've been struggling to really feel excited about this baby boy's arrival. Please don't read this wrong. I'm excited to meet him. Excited to know what he looks like. Excited to hold him and snuggle him and love on him. But I don't have the goosebumps and butterflies like I did with Mackie. I suppose it's another one of those "been there, done that" attitudes and I know (a little more) of what to expect. I can't help but feel a bit guilty and that I'm cheating him out of my full, all-out mommy mode attention. Any other mommies out there feel the same way? I have to say at this point I'm more giddy about not being pregnant and awkward. Again, guilty feelings here!

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Holly T. said...

It's perfectly normal! Don't be hard on yourself. I questioned how I could love #2 as much as I loved the first. How could a person have enough love to go around all their children and not favor one over the other? As I am sure you have heard over and over again, it just happens. It will come and you will wonder how you had those thoughts and fears in the first place.

You are a great mom to Mackie and I don't doubt you will be to "Wave" as well. Good luck in your upcoming months!