Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wave's Weekly Update - 33 Weeks and Counting!

Dearest Wave,
Mommy once again apologies for the length of time between weekly updates. My weekly updates have turned into every other week updates it seems. So sorry!

Last week we went to the doctor - just you, me, and big sis. I better get used to the three of us going to the doc together, as we'll be visiting plenty in the weeks following your arrival. Everything seemed to be fine. I was a bit distracted by your sister so I didn't catch my measurements or blood pressure. I only gained about 1.5 pounds (however, I think I made up for it this past week with some Fair treats and other goodies that I've been making!). We're now on an every two-week schedule for the doctor...a sign that we're getting closer to meeting you!

I'm starting to slow down a bit - especially today, as I felt downright terrible. I went home and slept all afternoon and it did wonders: headache, dizziness, nausea, and achiness are now gone, hallelujah! Hang in there for a few more weeks, little man. Mommy has one more (HUGE!) special event for work next weekend and then we're in coast mode/final prep at work and home/nesting/getting ready for your arrival time.

You (we) have been abundantly blessed with a grandma who loves to shop and several friends who have given you clothes so you won't go naked come six (or so!) weeks when you arrive. Of course mommy has had some fun going to second-hand kids boutiques and hitting the clearance racks to find some outfits to fill your (extremely small) closet.

Speaking of closets...your room is (mostly) complete! Papa came over on Labor Day weekend to paint your room a nice, bright blue color. It looks great with the dark wood trim and furniture. It's a super small room with an itty-bitty closet (good thing you're a boy!). We had to be strategic in our placing of furniture and forego the rocking chair (moving it into mommy and daddy's bedroom...sigh). It's definitely an office converted to a bedroom, but it'll work for now and even into the future. I'm just thankful you don't have to share a room with your big sis, as you'd definitely be keeping each other up at all times of the night! Mommy will post some pics after she hangs the canvases she painted and does a few more finishing touches. We're excited for it to all come together!

Your daddy and I are about 99.9 percent sure of your name - wahoo! That's as close as we'll get before you arrive and then we'll make that final game-time decision. We think you - and everyone else - will like it, as it works for school, sports, graduation, and most importantly, calling your name from the deck when it's time to come inside to eat dinner.

Love you bunches, little man. All three of us - daddy, Mackie, and I - as well as grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and plenty of friends, are eager for you to get here in another month or so. Stay healthy in there and keep growing!


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