Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Few Funnies...

As I sit here and gaze at my beautiful baby boy, all wrapped up and snoozing after a bath, I can't help but feel beyond BLESSED! And then my scatter-brained mind goes to some of the funnies that have occurred these last few days around here. Maybe they're only funny because I'm hormonal, sleep-deprived, and cannot wait  to get some fresh air...but nonetheless, here they are. Enjoy!

Yesterday, after our ped stopped by to check on Braxton-
Dr. Miller: Mackie, what is your brother's name?
Mackie: Baby Braxton

Dr. Miller: What are you going to do with Baby Braxton?
Mackie: Change his dirty diapers! 

Today, while bathing our little man:
Jack: Ames - come here, come here, come here! We've got a shooter!
Me: laugh and don't say anything - but simply start cleaning up the pee all over the floor and chair
Jack: You need to record that as a wet diaper on the chart. It counts.  

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