Monday, October 31, 2011

Glass Slippers

Jack has often times said life would be easier with a toddler if she were "dumbed down" a bit. Now he doesn't mean this literally - in fact, we're beyond gracious and thankful to the Lord who created all of Mackie's character traits.

But as you parents with toddlers know, wouldn't it sometimes be nice if they weren't so smart and observant?! Case in point:

The other night, we had one of our favorite college girls watch Mackie while we went to a fall party for my work (yippee, date night!). As many of you know, our little diva is into Cinderella these days. Whenever she plays dress-up she always opts for a princess dress, crown, and glass slippers. But back to the story....

Mackie went over to the sitter's house and found her tiara from the high school homecoming days. Mack proceeded to wear the tiara and then ask for glass slippers. The story goes that our sitter and her mom thought a pair of bling-bling sandals would work as make-shift glass slippers.

Not so much.

Mackie proceeded to tell the lovely ladies that those shoes were indeed sandals and not glass slippers. Rather profusely, I'm sure.

I suppose her shoe fetish has gotten the best of her. Sigh.

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