Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hot Date at the Hospital

The day has arrived!

Jack and I sit here, hanging out and having a "hot date" at the hospital. Really it's ideal. As of this point, epidural is in, Jack's watching ESPN and every other sports channel we don't get at home, and Mackie is loving all of the attention from both grandmas and grandpas. It's the best (and only) date we've been on in weeks!

For journaling sake, here's the run-down of how we arrived here:
- 12:15 a.m.: I woke up with some severe cramping and back pain. I've been experiencing similar pains all week so I tried to go back to sleep.
- 5:10 a.m.: Mackie wakes up, crying from a bad dream (we think). We snuggle with her in bed before Jack hauls her off to bed.
- 6:15 a.m.: I go out to walk a couple of miles around the neighborhood. Come back to help Mackie with breakfast and lift a few light weights before hitting the shower.
- 7 a.m.: Just as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I feel a big "pop" followed by water gushing...everywhere! My water broke with Mackie, but NOTHING like this! I'm thankful I was in the comfort of my own home.
- The next hour was a tailspin of calling labor and delivery, grandmas and grandpas, sitter, work, and packing some final things in the bags. Oh, and Jack getting a little excited and frantic as he tried to brush our sweet daughter's teeth, throw her shoes on, and pack up her lovies (multi-tasking is definitely more for women!)

We sit here now resting and enjoying these last few hours before our baby boy arrives. Nurse - who by the way is AMAZING! - estimates a lunch-time arrival. Our doc, as you know, will be leaving at noon. He's been here once already, but I'm preparing myself for him not delivering our little one.

And a side note....Mackie was born on a Thursday AND the 13th of the month. This little guy will be born on a Thursday AND the 13th of the month. Amazing!

We'll keep you all posted. Thanks for the love and prayers!
- Ames


Kristen said...

Praying for you and the little guy! Can't wait to see his sweet face!

dana said...

Okay, seriously? I should know better, but I can't believe you walked a couple of miles and lifted weights today. You're amazing.